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So you’ve seen a great offer on a destination you’d like to travel to and think – YES!

Then you proceed to check out and see that you need to pay a hefty amount to check your bags in and then you think – NO!

Well, worry not. Our trusty advisors at Gala Travels have pulled together a list on how you can travel light!

Intrigued? Continue reading…

• Pack early – Avoid stress packing at the last minute!
• With every item, ask yourself “why am I taking this”?
• Plan what you will be wearing each day
• Keep some free space in your bag in case you’re bringing back items
• Consider if you need to take any checked in baggage at all. Short trips require only the essentials
• Reduce the size of your bag (forces you to pack less), and don’t take a carry on, or only take a carry on! (allowed carry on’s are usually 9″ x 14″ x 21.5″)
• Only use lightweight bags
• Only pack items required for the climate you’re travelling to. Heavy jackets are not required in warmer climates and flip flops/canvas sneakers take less space than regular shoes
• Perhaps consider wearing bulky clothing on the plane instead of packing it
• You can buy a lot of things like toiletries locally. Take travel sized essentials if you have to
• Pick versatile styles that mix and match so you can have still have many options but are packing less clothing
• Only take practical shoes that can be worn on multiple occasions
• When packing clothes put them in vertically (like a filing cabinet). That way you’ll know exactly how many individual items you are packing and you can remove what you think is excessive
• Use rubber bands to tightly pack clothing or roll your clothing
• Wash your clothes (quick-dry preferably) at your destination. That way you only need one week’s clothing regardless of how long you’re staying. Dry laundry bar?
• Avoid bottled liquids (too heavy). Go with solid alternatives.
• Use hotel towels
• Who needs cameras/flashlight/books/magazines/travel guides/maps when you can get all of that on your smartphone

Well there you have it! A quick, and handy guide on how to pack light.

Now then, here is also a handy phone number to call and save on your flights and vacation! 😊
Gala Travels: 1-866-458-4252

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