Top 5 Canadian Travel Bloggers

Travel blogs are a great way to get a completely non-biased perspective on travelling the world. Travel brochures usually provide a ‘textbook’ description of any given destination, whereas travel blogs are written by authors who have visited a destination and are passing on their personal travel experiences. Being personal, it will be written from the heart and you are likely to find information that is not available through the traditional mediums as well as other valuable hints and tips. We present to you our top 5 Canadian travel bloggers to keep in mind when you’re thinking of travelling next!

Breathe Dream Go

Breathe Dream Go is run by a certain Mariellen Ward who is the editor and owner of the blog. The award winning blog focuses on the Asian subcontinental areas such as India and Japan as well as places in Europe. There is a particular emphasis on the spirituality aspect of travel and solo female travel tips. Breathe Dream Go will provide a means of inspiration and new ideas to holiday-goers as the website also covers a range of upcoming news, events and festivals including a wide variety of safe travel and eating tips. All in all, a well-rounded travel blog. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a spiritual retreat be sure to take a look at our cheap Umrah packages from Toronto with airfare!

The Professional Hobo

Don’t be put off by the name, the slogan of The Professional Hobo is “traveling full time in a financially sustainable way”, sounds pretty sensible to us! Nora Dunn, the founder, used to run her own financial planning practice in Toronto but decided to scrap it and travel full time. Her slogan, therefore encapsulates her in a sentence! As one can imagine, Nora’s travel tips are more geared to travelling within budget and being efficient with expenditure. She has covered lots of different destinations and her “week in the life series” is particularly useful, describing her week-long experiences at various locations. What we like the most about Nora’s blog is that she is a full time traveller, living the dream and her language reflects her passion.

Hecktic Travels

Married couple Dalene and Peter Heck arguably went one crazy step further than Nora. In 2009 they sold literally, yes literally, everything they had to begin travelling as a full time occupation. Travelling as a couple is arguably more strenuous to solo travel but their relationship survived all possible strains and they’re still going strong. The couple have travelled across most of the Americas and Central Europe and place a romantic emphasis on travelling,  thus a good blog to visit for honeymoon ideas and romantic anniversary getaways!

The Planet D

Another travel blog by a Canadian couple, Dave and Deb place a greater onus on adventure rather than romance. The adrenaline junkies live by the motto “adventure is for everyone” and they believe that there is no set requirements to becoming an adventurer, it’s for anyone! The Planet D is a very well organised website, first asking “what type of traveller are you?” One can choose from 8 traveller types and are then presented with travel blogs in that chosen theme. In our opinion The Planet D is the most comprehensive of the lot.

Solo Travellers Blog

We end with something for our solo travellers and Janice Waugh’s Solo Travellers Blog fits the bill. The site is packed with tips on surviving when travelling alone and she provides a real good perspective, being a solo traveller herself.  Since becoming a widow, Janice felt an emptiness in life and thus took up solo travelling. The blog is also a source of great travel deals and she covers a very comprehensive list of destinations, there is something from each continent.

Additionally, Janice is quite a personality. She is the moderator of the Solo Travel Society on Facebook, well worth a ‘like’, if you use the social network. Janice has additionally published the Solo Travellers Handbook, has spoken publicly and internationally and made television and radio appearances, a full rounded travel professional.

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