Gala Wedding 2

A Wedding Abroad: How to plan a trip with a big group

Do you have your heart set on saying ‘I do’ on an exotic beach in Jamaica or at a romantic vineyard in Paris? It is super easy to get caught up in the excitement of jetting off to a dreamy…

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gala beaches

World’s Best Beaches!

At this time of year, you’re probably planning for the summer and looking for that perfect sunshine destination with a pristine beach and turquoise-colored water! In this blog, we have curated some of the finest beaches the world has to…

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How to Plan a Romantic Getaway

The headline on this topic is pretty straightforward. We’ll attempt to answer two main questions: where to go – and what to do. Let’s get to it. Step 1 – Choose your destination Before you get anywhere, you need to…

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Gala 2

Luxury Holidays on a Budget

Let this year be the year you experience an awesome holiday! By awesome, we mean a 4 to 5-star hotel, beautiful beach, surreal landscape, incredible safari, first-class service, and sumptuous meals! Sounds too good to be true? Nope! Below, we…

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Is Travel Insurance Worth the Cost?

Although travel insurance has been around for decades, most travellers are still oblivious to its importance. Apart from the obvious advantages of covering lost baggage and flight cancellation, travellers tend to forget emergency medical costs abroad can run into the…

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of apps that will make your life so much easier

Business Class Upgrade – It’s time!

As the year comes to an end, why not ring in the New Year with an upgrade! There’s a common myth among seasoned Economy class travellers that Business class is just out of their reach, but things have changed over…

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Comparison Website

Where to Source Cheap Airfares

Some of the most widely used methods to source cheap airfares are comparison websites. Websites such as Kayak, Momondo, Cheapflights, Skyscanner, Farecompare and similar apps are often used to compare the same airfare across multiple web pages. This, we agree, is a great…

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Banner Gala Travels

Ask An Agent – Q&A With Gala Travels

This one’s quite simple. We ask 4 Gala Travels agents to answer 10 questions about their travel adventures. Enjoy! Naeem – Managing Director My first time abroad 1-year old migrating from DAR to YYZ What’s in my bag Passport /…

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Gala blog

Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

While there are plenty of comparison websites to help you book every aspect of your travel, there is still nothing out there that can offer you a wholesome travel experience more than booking through a travel agent! “Nonsense”, you may…

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gala blog

How to Travel Light – Easy Packing

So you’ve seen a great offer on a destination you’d like to travel to and think – YES! Then you proceed to check out and see that you need to pay a hefty amount to check your bags in and…

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