Our top 5 travel hacks

Travelling is beautiful! To travel is to explore our vast Earth, still so unknown to many us and full of surprises. Whether you’re young or old, travelling for the first or umpteenth time, travelling brings about a sense of buzz and excitement. From early morning journey’s to the airport (the only time we feel like waking up early!), watching the plane lift off from your seat window to the memories created during the vacation itself, travelling is an experience one should embark on as much as possible.

It is important to note that behind the fun and adventure lies a large amount of planning and preparation. For example, one must do their research into flights and hotels that are best value for money, purchase all necessary items in preparation for the destination to be visited such as clothes, swimwear and sun lotion, meeting the necessary luggage requirements and so forth. It is very easy to forget the finer details of travelling when caught up in the anticipation of the journey, thus we present our top 5 travel hacks.


travel hack save space by rolling clothes luggage suitcase


The key to packing is to be efficient with space, you don’t want to stuff everything in there as it may result in having to take more luggage than required, exceeding the weight allowance at the airport, realising at the end of your holiday, when going through your pictures, that you spent the entire holiday wearing creasy clothes and, the worst, having to see your clothes all over the conveyor belt at arrivals! A simply trick is to roll, rather than fold, your clothes when packing. Rolling will allow you to compress more items in a given space, for example, you can roll in undergarments and socks within your main clothing items. Not to mention this method also limits the appearance of creases and wrinkles.


canadian passport

Items such as passports, other forms of identifications, pre-purchased attraction vouchers and the like should be scanned and emailed to yourself. If in the unfortunate event of loss or theft, these can be easily retrievable and save you a whole lot of stress. If you own a smartphone, which is likely, it is very easy to upload such documents to the cloud. It only takes a second to do so and is worth the peace of mind.

Money and other valuables

canadian money travel hack

Money management and organisation is the most important aspect when going on vacation. If you lose your clothes or other items, you can buy replacements. But if you lose money, things become a little stickier. First and foremost get your money exchanged before going on holiday for the best deal. At the airport or your hotel (depending on its location), you may end up short changed as providers take advantage of the lack of availability of exchange services. Secondly, use a fanny pack, the embarrassment is worth it if it ensures your valuables are safe and at arm’s length, especially if going on lengthy tours and excursions. Thirdly and finally, don’t put all your money in the same place, split it up between your wallet, a shoe, a sock and different pockets on your clothes. The reason being that if you are victim of theft, you still have back-up pots of money in different locations.

When in Rome, do as the Romans

travel hack culture

You’re on holiday, why spend time and money looking for a McDonalds or Burger King and doing things that you could have done on a day out at home. Explore the local culture, learn the language, take part in traditional activities and try the local dishes. Essentially, immerse yourself in your temporary home, become like a local resident and soak in the unique experience. You’ll come back refreshed, energised and with a lot of unique memories!

The beach

beach snad phone travel hack

Nobody will reject an opportunity to spend a relaxing day at the beach but there are a few precautionary measures that can prevent the fun from being spoiled. A slightly unusual but effective tip is to place your smartphone in a sandwich bag. This stops the sand from scratching the screen whilst keeping the touch screen operational! If you’d like some natural summer highlights in your hair, apply lemon juice the hair and by sunset you’ll notice the difference. Another practical idea is to make use of a fitted sheet, rather than a towel to keep the sand from entering your sunbathing area.

Whether you are searching for a weekend getaway or great vacation deals from Toronto with airfare, these practical hacks and tips apply to any form of travelling and will have you making the most of your well-deserved break!

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