Kid-Friendly Hotel Hacks: Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Hotel Experience


With the schools being closed for the summer, you’re bound to go on holiday with the kids. That’s why we have curated these kid-friendly hotel hacks for you to enjoy during your travels.

  • Ask for an Upgrade!

Yup – sometimes it’s as easy as asking – courteously, of course. It doesn’t hurt to try asking the front desk when checking in for a larger room, or corner unit. If you have a “status” with the company such as a loyalty card, you may get even luckier. Offer to also leave them a nice review after your stay. Give it a try.

  • Use the “Do Not Disturb” Sign for Security

When travelling with children, you’re going to carry with you spare cash, load extra gadgets and gizmos to keep the kids busy and occupied. For added security, simply place a “Do Not Disturb” sign while you’re out and no one will know if you are in there, or not. It’s also worth noting that most hotels will clean your room on request.

  • Keep the Power ON With a Spare Card

Want to keep the air-conditioning in your room on while you’re out? Stick an old library or membership card into the room key/card slot and you’ll have power in your room throughout the day; the perfect way to charge all the electronics you brought for your kids.

  • Use the Steam in the Shower

Who’s got the time to iron your clothes, and that of your kids on holiday? A handy tip is to hang your shirts and dresses in the bathroom and let the steam take away the wrinkles and creases whilst taking a long, hot shower.

  • Stay Charged

Forgot your plug adapter but have a USB cable? Most TV’s in hotel rooms have a spare USB slot. Alternatively, call the reception and ask for a spare phone charger.

  • Netflix and Chill

Do away with those hefty fees on On-demand movies by casting your laptop or phone to the television. Connect to Netflix, and chill! This is also a great way to let the kids watch some television and allow you some “free” time with your partner, or dine at the hotel’s restaurant with peace of mind.

  • Stay Close to the Airport for Morning Flights Home

If like most families, it is difficult in getting the kids up in the morning for your early flight home, then consider booking the last night of your holiday at a hotel closer to the airport. The extra time you’ll need in getting the kids ready will be quite handy.

  • Ask for a Late Checkout

If your flight is later on in the day, and you need the extra time in getting the kids ready, then be sure to ask for a late checkout the night prior to avoid charges. It’s also worth noting that platinum card holders like Amex may already receive the late check in / check out – but it’s always best checking with the hotel in advance.

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