15 Destinations for First Time Backpackers


Who’s up for a backpacking adventure? Backpacking is a great way to travel. It’s light, cheap and fun! We’ve put a list of 15 destinations that you would have a great time backpacking around! Get ready to start thinking about your adventure!

1. India – India is an absolutely stunning country to visit! It is filled with colour, diversity, amazing culture and lots of food! You would definitely want to ride a rickshaw or get your hands on some paani puri or visit historical sites like the Taj Mahal!


2. Indonesia – Take a picture with a cute monkey, relax on the beaches of Bali or hop on a scooter to immerse yourself in the culture! Indonesia is a great destination for adventure, relaxation and culture!


3. Austrailia – With English being your first language, Austrailia is a great place to backpack because it is the perfect blend of first world modernity and breathtaking natural beauty!


4. Thailand – If you’re looking for an inexpensive place for your first backpacking extravaganza, then Thailand is the place to go! It’s easy to find your way around and has some of the world’s most stunning beaches! Don’t forget to pack your tanning lotion!


5. Peru – The Macha Picchu is a sight that one must visit when going to Peru. This destination is also home to private beaches and lively towns hosting fun parties! If you have spicey tastebuds you’re going to LOVE peru!


6. Vietnam – Vietnam is like a dream! A country packed with history, culture, tradition, nature and friendly faces!


7. Turkey – An interesting blend of east and west, Turkey is home to beautiful churches, mosques and shopping! You can get yourself a bargain of knock-off designer wear!


8. Cambodia – Did you know that Cambodia has one of the largest religious sites known as the Angkor Wat? It is definitely worth a visit! The city of Phnom Penh is one of the most amazing cities in Asia as it is home to outdoor markets, yummy street food and a lively nightlife!


9. Greece – Immerse your eyes on the picturesque beaches in Mykonos and be sure to take tours on the mainland to learn more about the history and culture!


10. New Zealand – If you’re a Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit fan, you’re going to LOVE seeing the destinations where the movie was shot!


11. Argentina – Soccer/Football fans will love Argentina! The food, culture and exploration of Easter Island, make Argentina a must-see destination!


12. Scandinavia – Do you love hiking? The Fjords will take your breath away! Also must see regions in Scandinavia are Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Helsinki! You’ll always find a friendly face around for good conversation or to help you get around!


13. Chile – The views and landscapes in Chile are insta-worthy! In the north, you’ll find salt flats and deserts and in the south beautiful glacier peaks! You’ll definitely need to pack a jacket to keep up with the weather. It’s the perfect destination for an adventure of the outdoors!


14. United Kingdom – The UK is an awesome place to visit! Get around by train, watch a footy game, hit up a fish and chips shop and get panoramic views of the city on the London Eye! Oh and don’t forget to pay the Royals a visit too!


15. Anywhere in Europe – Europe is absolutely magical and has so much to offer! It’s definitely worth it to just pick a destination and go!


Remember you’re going to need a sturdy yet lightweight backpack to help you truly enjoy your adventure! Be sure to check out Sportcheck or any sports store in your area.

Choose a bag with thicker straps to give yourself that additional support. Make sure that it can accommodate your essentials and can act as a comfy pillow if you ever need to take a quick power nap whilst on your adventure!

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