Travel Disruptions:  Your Questions Answered

Travel Disruptions: Your Questions Answered

1) Is it safe for me to travel through airports, given advice from the government is to avoid going to places where there are large crowds? The government is advising against all non-essential travel outside of Canada, but there are…

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How Not to Get Sick While Traveling

Should you wear a mask? Does airplane travel pose a greater risk? Do hand sanitizers work? Health professionals offer some tips. As the world grapples with a coronavirus outbreak that has killed thousands of people and infected tens of thousands…

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It’s the time of year where we secretly (or actively) browse through travel websites and magazines to look at the next best destination to visit in the summer or later in the year. With endless choices at your disposal not…

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Common Spanish Phrases

The holiday season is fast approaching and most travelers will be looking to get away from the ice-cold winter weather in Canada and bask in a sunny, tropical climate the South has to offer! With that in mind, we thought of…

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Favourite Travel Quotes

In need of some inspiration to book your next travel adventure? You’re in the right place! Below, we have shared some of the most beautiful and memorable quotes on what life and travel have to offer. Note: Feel free to share any…

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Things to do at the Airport

Stuck at the airport? Missed your flight? Long transit? Bored out of your brains? Worry not! – You’ll be surprised to find there are plenty of things to do at the airport. Below we have compiled our top 8 activities…

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Things to do in Dubai With Kids

With the summer officially coming to an end (it’s okay, there is always next year) it is the perfect time to think about your family winter getaway! In our humble (yet expert) opinion, Dubai is the PERFECT place to make unforgettable…

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How to Transit in Cairo

How to Transit in Cairo

If you have a 10-hour layover in Cairo, here is a question for you – Would you rather find a spot to sleep on the hard benches at the airport, or marvel at the great pyramids of Giza? I think…

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How To Avoid A Travel Scam When Buying Airline Tickets Online

While it may be a good idea to use comparison websites to source cheap airfares, falling for an online travel scam is fairly common. Holiday goers are regularly tricked into thinking they’re getting an amazing deal when they book a…

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Kid-Friendly Hotel Hacks: Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Hotel Experience

With the schools being closed for the summer, you’re bound to go on holiday with the kids. That’s why we have curated these kid-friendly hotel hacks for you to enjoy during your travels. Ask for an Upgrade! Yup – sometimes…

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