Istanbul – Top 5 Things to Do!

Turkey is one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world. Let us tell you why – it’s because the country extends across two continents – Asia and Europe! You get to literally experience a happy balance of western…

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Zanzibar – The Spice Island!

Zanzibar…. exotic, mesmerizing, relaxing, luxurious and an absolute dream come true! This little island off the coast of Tanzania is a real inspiration for many travelers! It holds small-town charms coupled with a myriad of exotic experiences and indescribable beauty!…

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Take Advantage of Cheap Vacation Packages

Reasons to Take Advantage of Cheap Vacation Packages from Canada Are you looking for the best hotel deals to top destinations? Then you need to look no further than a cheap all-inclusive vacation package from a travel agency such as…

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Why book cruises from a Canadian agent?

Cruises are a great choice for any vacation, and cruise vacations from North America are a popular choice for travelers who want to save money and take advantage of the great destinations available when you buy cruise vacations from Canada….

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Cash back on Vacations

Cash back on Vacations!

We at Gala have surely developed a niche in serving air tickets to international destinations. This is definitely our strong point. Not only will we provide more and better options, but we boast the most aggressive prices , especially when…

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Best destinations to see the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a beautiful and natural display of amazing and awesome colour. They are one of many gifts given to us by Mother Nature to admire and be in awe of. Although miraculous in its appearance, there is…

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canadian passport

Five of the Worlds Worst Airport

We’ve all had terrible experiences at airports, at some point in our lives. Common examples include flight delays, malfunctioning conveyor belts and lost and misplaced baggage, all which cause a lot of tension and anxiety. These things can happen and…

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Best Holiday Destination to Spend this Christmas

Christmas is everyone’s favourite time of year. Although it is a Christian tradition the atmosphere, vibe and decorations has everyone caught up in the fun of the holiday season. What’s more is that Christmas is a time for giving and…

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Top 5 Canadian Travel Bloggers

Travel blogs are a great way to get a completely non-biased perspective on travelling the world. Travel brochures usually provide a ‘textbook’ description of any given destination, whereas travel blogs are written by authors who have visited a destination and…

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travels hacks top 5

Our top 5 travel hacks

Travelling is beautiful! To travel is to explore our vast Earth, still so unknown to many us and full of surprises. Whether you’re young or old, travelling for the first or umpteenth time, travelling brings about a sense of buzz…

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